What is Paused for Thought?
Matthew Curtis has partnered alongside world leading menopause doctor, Louise Newson, to create an innovative campaign with the ambition of breaking the taboo, igniting the conversation and creating more awareness and understanding of the menopause across the hairdressing industry. The campaign will support and be run in conjunction with the balance app.

The conversation on menopause is thankfully louder than ever. Yet despite this, hairdressers and stylists are still very ill-informed and badly educated on the subject. Matthew Curtis and Louise Newson have recognised that the very close bond and trusting relationship between hairdresser and client – combined with the intimate hair care services they provide – puts stylists in a very important ‘front line’ position to not only spot the early signs of menopause but to provide accurate, relevant and reassuring advice and support. By debunking the many myths and providing more education to hairdressers we can – as an industry – not only champion this important aspect of women’s health but individually make it easier for women to receive the right guidance much more quickly than ever before. All of which will tangibly improve the future health of women across the country.

The mission
Our mission is to educate the whole of the UK hairdressing industry on the menopause. We want professionals in our industry to stop, think and recognise how they can be a major catalyst in helping their clients and genuinely improve their lives. We want stylists to have more knowledge, more empathy and more accurate information to be able to help, support and more accurately advise their clients.
Introducing Balance
Balance is an app that allows women experiencing the peri-menopause or menopause to track the symptoms they are experiencing, as well as have access to help and guidance and to be a safe place for those who have symptoms to speak out about their menopause. The app was created by Dr Louise Newson and launched on 9th July 2020, providing:

  • A journal where users can track their symptoms, periods, moods, nutrition, exercise and meditation.
  • An abundance of expert content that is continually expanded by leading voices in the menopause field.
  • The community section is where the sharing of stories, participation in experiments and treatment reviews (for both hormone replacement therapy and alternatives) take place.
  • In their individual profiles users are able to add their own medication and health conditions, and download reports of everything they’ve been recording to take to their healthcare professional appointments.
The Effect on the Menopause
Over 10 million women in the UK experience negative symptoms during the menopause, which in turn has a major adverse effect on their confidence, mental and emotional wellbeing. Hair health and personal appearance plays a magnifying role in this traumatic cycle and their sense of self worth. By 2025 this will be over a billion women globally.
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